Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twenty-Three Months (Slightly Overdue).

Only one more month until it won't be appropriate to refer to Hueston's age in months. Boo hoo...

Mama's old paintbrushes are getting a workout - but not with paint.

Old magazines, ready to donate to a friend's office waiting room - I keep pulling out the December 2006 issue, for some reason. Perhaps Mama ought to re-read it.

I love to pilfer the utensil drawers and open the dishwasher - and check out my cool new pjs!

 Mama wonders if this foreshadows my future hobbies. 
I love to say ball, catch, bounce, kick, throw, roll, and pass.

Who can resist this face?
I love to explore. Nowhere is safe.

I climbed into this chair all by myself.
I have discovered that I like Thomas the Tank Engine.

This isn't a pool, it's a hat.

Mama, I'm stuck! Why can't I pick it up? I only weigh 27 pounds!

Check out my amazing legs - evidence that I'm a perpetual motion machine.

Stay tuned for my second birthday - same bat channel!

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