Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fifteen Random Things.

  1. Today, caffeine is my friend. We're not usually that close - pretty independent - but today is different.
  2. Sickness can cause disruptions in sleeping patterns. --> Toddler sickness is a beast. --> #1.
  3. According to "What to Expect: The Toddler Years," Hueston is potentially learning a new word EVERY TWO WAKING HOURS.
  4. His newest words are kangaroo and hangers.
  5. H just picked up his juice and milk sippy cups, held them to his chest, and said "Hug."
  6. He is also learning various sound effects. I suppose I should get used to this.
  7. The list of whole numbers is as follows: wah, two, fwee, four, eight, ten!
  8. Is it possible to overuse the phrase "This is not a proportionate response" with a toddler? :)
  9. I love H's cloth diapers - BumGenius 3.0, Flip, and Econobum.
  10. Line-drying is curiously satisfying. I got to use an actual clothesline when we were in NC, and the process of carrying the basket out with a bag of clothespins was nice.
  11. Editing a book (or following the editing process) is interesting work, but it's far less painful when it's someone else's book.
  12. When wet, cheap white paper napkins smell like petroleum or something equally nasty, and they leave the smell behind on your fingers. Ew.
  13. Bounty paper towels really are better than the store brand. *sigh*
  14. H has learned to climb. Nothing is safe.


  1. Those diaper look so cute drying on the line! I can see why that would be satisfying. Fun post. Oh, and I can't wait to hear Hueston's little voice!

  2. I was telling Sarah Giles about the diapers; she received a few, but thinks they would be more appropriate for home, not out. I told her you might have tips.
    About Bounty! I agree, and especially like the Select-a=Size. I noticed one of the store brands had their version, but I'll stick with Bounty.
    About Hueston, he is just SO SWEET!