Monday, March 29, 2010


BIRTH - 7 pounds, 5 ounces - 20 inches
2 DAYS - 6 pounds, 11 ounces
1 WEEK - 6 pounds, 9 ounces
2 WEEKS - 7 pounds, 3 ounces
2 MONTHS - 11 pounds, 4 ounces - 22.25 inches
4 MONTHS - 17 pounds, 10.5 ounces - 27 inches (over-measure)
6 MONTHS - 20 pounds, 10.5 ounces - 27.5 inches
9 MONTHS - 22 pounds, 12.5 ounces - 29 inches

This puts him somewhere in the 75th percentile for height and about 90th for weight, if I'm reading it right.

ETA: He was holding a toy and wearing clothes when they weighed him, so it's possible the weight isn't quite as high as they measured it... :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nine Months, Continued.

Well, we managed to get a good photo, despite the squirming - it was a two-man job! Well-baby checkup was postponed until tomorrow morning, so I'll be back with stats after that.

Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day.

I don't usually post about sociopolitical issues, but this one hit me today.

It is World Water Day today - a day to to raise awareness about the lack of clean drinking water for so many in the world. I had a nice hot shower this morning in water that's clean enough to drink. I often forget that this basic need is one that lots of people have. I may not be able to dig a well or physically provide water for all those people, but I can be a good steward of what I have (including water) and maximize what I can give away.

I also read this article this morning: The Story of Bottled Water: Fear, Manufactured Demand and a $10,000 Sandwich. Makes you think. Well, it made me think. You can decide for yourself! :)

End of rant.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The window is fascinating, apparently.

Cheesing for the camera.

A bundle of energy at 7:30 a.m., after less sleep than I would like.
Oh well! At least he's happy!

Also, please admire the new shirt H received this week:

Thursday, March 18, 2010


For some reason, Blogger will not allow me to comment on my own posts. Therefore, here are the comments I would've posted in answer to questions posed in comments made by others. :)

Yes, the planets print that David bought is hanging on the wall above the crib. Most of my pictures are at floor level, so it's not very visible!

Yes, Hueston does take after his daddy. I'm hoping to scan a few photos that will prove just how much!

Yes, the trilling is a relatively new sound, following after raspberries and sucking sounds.

Sara, I haven't tried corn or peas yet, but carrots will be next, I think.

Yes, he does have a very handsome uncle. How did you know? :)

Also, stats: we have his 9-month checkup next week, but when we went for a sick-baby visit several weeks ago, he was almost 23 pounds, and I've measured him at about 29 inches. I'm sure we'll be continuing in the 90th-percentile range!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vocal Exercises.

Nana has requested video of Hueston "singing," so here are some vocal exercises for your enjoyment. He usually stops as soon as he realizes the camera is on him - his best performances are live.

(Mostly-)Wordless Wednesday.

Hueston's first swing experience at Pawpaw and Grandma's house.

I think Hueston wants to reinstate Pluto.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Talent Show Tuesday.

This just developed today - yesterday he tried but couldn't get all the way over.

So now we've got back-to-front in addition to front-to-back, and the closest thing to pre-crawling we've seen so far.
We hope that this could be the new skill that's been waiting in the wings and causing all the sleep deprivation. That's one theory, anyway. Here's hoping!

My Own Milestone.

I didn't even realize this one was coming up, but the numbers came together nicely.

In early 2008, I started trying to lose a little bit of the weight that had crept up on me since David and I got married. I didn't do any big regimented diet or exercise plan, I just tried to be more aware of my health. I started writing down everything I ate, and on March 13 I began weighing myself every morning and tracking the progress on a spreadsheet.

When we found out Hueston was on his way, I kept it up, figuring it would be a good way to make sure I was having a healthy pregnancy. Since Hueston was born I haven't been consistent with either habit, but I do still weigh myself occasionally. The weight's been coming off pretty nicely, so it's been a pleasant process - feeding Hueston means I get back in better shape!

On the 12th of March, 2010, I happened to look at my spreadsheet - and it showed a total loss of TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS!

What a nice two-year present to myself. Now I just need new clothes!

Saturday, March 13, 2010



Hueston (and, hence, his parents) has (have?) been having real trouble in the sleeping department. Several nights of waking every hour have really taken their toll, and we were running out of ideas.

He has also been having some gastrointestinal issues, and yesterday I tried a new remedy: flax oil. He took a dropperful as if it tasted great, and I mixed a little in with oatmeal as well.

Voila: one really overdue diaper. (I'll spare you the details.)

And, last night, we made it through with only two minor interruptions - at 11:30, when I was able to rub his tummy and shhhhhh him back to sleep, and at 12:45, when The Miracle of the Orajel was repeated (from crying back to sleep almost instantaneously). We all woke up at 7:30 this morning.

So, therefore, HALLELUJAH.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Cookin'.

So far, I've been able to make Hueston some yummy food. We started around the beginning of January, with a few breaks for sickness, and it's going well so far. I'm having fun cooking things I hadn't tried before!

[Pretend there is a picture of fresh, whole acorn and butternut squash here.]

This is what they looked like after I baked them and scraped out their insides.
[top - acorn; bottom - butternut]If I were a real food blogger, I would have taken pictures while they were in the oven, along with their friend the sweet potato. I would also have shots of the scraping process. However, I am not. Therefore, there are not.

This is what the good stuff looked like after I scooped it out. The lighter-colored bowl is acorn squash; the other is butternut.

And here they are with the sweet potato. The butternut squash and sweet potato are almost identical in color (the photos don't do justice to the colors); however, the squash has a somewhat waterier texture.
[clockwise from top left: acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet potato]
Next, I put each one in my handy-dandy Magic Bullet and pureed it, spooned the puree into ice-cube trays, covered the trays with foil, and froze them for several hours.
When they were set, I dumped the cubes into freezer bags so they'd take up less room and be more accessible when I needed them.

Aren't they pretty?
(clockwise from top left: green beans, sweet potato, butternut squash, acorn squash)

When I want to feed Hueston, I just pop a couple of cubes in a bowl and thaw them. Usually I put the small bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water, but the microwave works, too.
For meals on the go, I put a few cubes in a tiny Tupperware-type container and let them thaw in the diaper bag. Usually they're close to room temperature by the time we're ready to eat.

Hueston has done really well so far - he's eaten everything I've offered him. The only exception has been avocado, and I hadn't pureed it - just fork-mashed it, and so I think it was more of a texture thing than taste.

sweet potato (baked, then pureed)
rice cereal (I tried grinding my own in a coffee grinder and cooking it, but it was a little too lumpy at first, so we've been using Earth's Best)
avocado (fork-mashed)
banana (fork-mashed; also pureed and mixed with rice cereal)
acorn squash (baked, then pureed)
butternut squash (baked, then pureed)
green beans (frozen; cooked according to package directions, then pureed)
pears (peeled, cored, diced, cooked on stovetop, then pureed - yum!)
apples (peeled, cored, diced, cooked on stovetop with extra liquid from pears, then pureed)
oatmeal (Earth's Best - but I'm going to take a crack at grinding grains again soon)
prune juice (mixed with cereal, also mixed with water from a syringe - cups and bottle have been unsuccessful so far)
chicken (baked, no seasoning, diced and pureed)
broccoli (steamed, then pureed - H has only had a taste from my fingertip, so we'll see how he likes it at dinnertime tonight!)

Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A recent accomplishment.
Not the best video, but you'll get the idea.
We'll have to get Daddy to use his cinematography skills!

Apparently, the entry hall light is hilarious.

Fun times in the exersaucer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventures in Baby-Raising.

You'd never know that his sleeping has been off...


Today =
1 relatively good night's sleep (9:45-4:45, 6-8:15)
+ 1 pediatrician's office visit
+ 1 breathing treatment
- any ear infection
+ 1 shot (they were out at his 6-month checkup)
+ 1 bowl of rice cereal
+ 1 milk-induced nap (currently in progress)