Monday, May 9, 2011


  1. Hueston is taking a nap on the guest bed, surrounded by pillows. This happy development began when we were on our extended tour of Anderson's house in North Carolina last weekend.
  2. I am cleaning my circa-1992 4-cup basket-filter Mr Coffee, bought for me when I was going to college by my grandmother Nanny. It will be going in the garage sale this weekend, so now it's getting a nice bath with white vinegar and water. I'm feeling a little nostalgic about it - it's made many a cup of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate since those first days in Gramley dorm!
  3. While hanging up laundry, I came across some of the hangers from my 30th birthday party, for which Krissi instructed my friends to bring me 30 of something. Thanks, Jana! These were a great choice.
  4. Facebook is a giant black hole with a huge gravitational pull.
  5. David brought me dinner from Olive Garden last night - Pork Milanese! H and I will be eating the leftovers for lunch today. Yum!
  6. H has now woken from his nap and is ensconced in his booster seat, happily eating peas and carrots.
  7. It's lunchtime!

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  1. I love this little slice from your lives. Thanks.