Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day.

I don't usually post about sociopolitical issues, but this one hit me today.

It is World Water Day today - a day to to raise awareness about the lack of clean drinking water for so many in the world. I had a nice hot shower this morning in water that's clean enough to drink. I often forget that this basic need is one that lots of people have. I may not be able to dig a well or physically provide water for all those people, but I can be a good steward of what I have (including water) and maximize what I can give away.

I also read this article this morning: The Story of Bottled Water: Fear, Manufactured Demand and a $10,000 Sandwich. Makes you think. Well, it made me think. You can decide for yourself! :)

End of rant.

1 comment:

  1. Water is my favorite drink. Saves calories and $$. Unless of course I buy it in bottles! It IS so convenient, but I could certainly use a refillable bottle. It's good to be reminded of the importance of things I take for granted. Thanks for making me think!