Thursday, March 18, 2010


For some reason, Blogger will not allow me to comment on my own posts. Therefore, here are the comments I would've posted in answer to questions posed in comments made by others. :)

Yes, the planets print that David bought is hanging on the wall above the crib. Most of my pictures are at floor level, so it's not very visible!

Yes, Hueston does take after his daddy. I'm hoping to scan a few photos that will prove just how much!

Yes, the trilling is a relatively new sound, following after raspberries and sucking sounds.

Sara, I haven't tried corn or peas yet, but carrots will be next, I think.

Yes, he does have a very handsome uncle. How did you know? :)

Also, stats: we have his 9-month checkup next week, but when we went for a sick-baby visit several weeks ago, he was almost 23 pounds, and I've measured him at about 29 inches. I'm sure we'll be continuing in the 90th-percentile range!

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  1. Where are you going to put the "flash cards" poster? That is so cute! Ok, I now have cute blue sheet with various vehicles all over it on the crib, so we're ready for babies! What a big boy!