Monday, September 28, 2009

Science Quiz.

I'm glad to know my brain hasn't entirely turned to mush, although all those super-de-duper brain cells or neurons or synapses or whatever it is I'm supposed to be gaining back post-partum don't seem to have made their presence known yet (never believe the Tyra show!).
I took this science quiz earlier today, thanks to Adam's blog, and I'm proud (and a little surprised) to say I got all 12 questions right. The interesting part is that it also breaks the scores down by age, gender, and educational level, so you can see how you stack up.


  1. Hey, I got 12, too! Even though I did it at the end of the workday, when I know for certain that my brain is mush. It was fun, though. Thanks for the link!

  2. Oh, well, only 11. I did what I often do, my brain correctly pictured the relationship between electrons and atoms, then I inverted the actual question and ended up making the wrong choice. Fun video, though. That was on a historical day...when we learned about Hueston!