Monday, September 21, 2009

And again...

11 p.m. to FOUR-FIFTEEN a.m.
I think I've read that the medical community takes "sleeping through the night" to be midnight to five a.m.
[Cue "Hallelujah chorus"]
And yes, Nana, he is usually awake more during the day - so you won't have to take the stay-up-'til-six shift this time in order to see him awake. :)


  1. Congrats! But after all, sleeping is in his genes...

    Now, the question is: how long can YOU sleep without getting up to check if he's breathing??

  2. Yippee!! I like where this is headed! Go little Hueston!

  3. Good question, Matt! Let's hope your 'spiritual gift' (sleeping) still is prominent. I know you all are beginning to think you might actually survive! Soon you'll even look back and think..."How DID we live through that!" but you'll know it was all worth it!