Friday, July 1, 2011

For Nana and Papa.

The Red Guitar.


  1. Perfect! Absolutely perfect!! His initial reaction (turning away in disbelief of his good fortune?) was just as any of us might have done! And I do believe I heard him sing "Amazing Gwace" as he turned toward the door. I think we can safely say this was a good pick for The Birthday Boy! Thanks for capturing his reaction. This is NANA COWLEY's comment...for some reason my usual sign-in won't post.

  2. Thank you both for setting up the camera to record this. We would of course have liked to be there but this was the next best thing. I was really happy that H seemed pleased and excited by his "ittar" - but how did he know what it was before he even opened it? Is he psychic? It was neat to see him taking it up and kind of dancing around with it and even singing a little bit! You may have a (HORRORS!) born rocker on your hands. I hope that this will give him something to start learning to make music, at least until he's big enough to hold a trumpet. Thanks for sharing the moment with us.

  3. Awww....what a lovely gift for that beautiful boy!