Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza, Part One.

Otherwise known as "Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun!

On the Thursday before Hueston's birthday, we went to Going Apes, a bounce-house place near our house. I think he liked it. :)

Here is a series of videos.

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  1. We love, love, love the photos and video clips. I would say this was a great birthday celebration. How fun that the Going Apes place is close by. That will be a fun place to pop in. I can tell how much fun he had. I think my favorite picture is the one with him holding two balls. Somehow there's just a confidence he displays and was just getting ready to add that third ball. No problem! What a sweetie! I'm going to try again to post as Nana Cowley, but since it usually makes me sign in again and loses my note, I'm not confident.