Monday, November 1, 2010

Primary Dentition...

... is in full swing.

And these are just the ones that have definitely poked through!
As you may imagine, we are suffering a teensy bit of discomfort related to this process, although you couldn't tell it from the pictures.
Hueston's just a little more clingy than usual during the day, but his sleep, which had been showing signs of improvement, has taken a few steps backward.
We hope he'll feel better soon, once these chompers have come all the way in.


  1. He would have made a good jack-o-lantern! Such a happy boy, even with the discomfort. Can't wait to see you all...not long to wait!!!

  2. Ha! Yes, a good jack-o-latern indeed! Hope he gets some relief soon. I bet once more break through he'll feel better. Emmett had the hardest time with the bigger molars.