Friday, November 5, 2010


This happens about 73 times a day.

After a trip to the library to get some friends for "Corduroy," we walked across the street to the park.

Hueston was fascinated with the wall that encircled this piece of the playground equipment - I had to keep a close watch so he wouldn't tumble over it.

We drove to Cleburne today to get my car registration renewed, and outside the courthouse was this fun fall display.

We also got to watch two real fire trucks drive by, sirens blaring.

Hueston has played with this for a while, but he only recently discovered just how much noise it can make.
(It's popcorn kernels inside, and the top is super-glued on.)


  1. By "This" that happens 73 times a day, is it reading a book? or being picked up...or both at the same time? I can hardly stand waiting til you all get here! I will try mightily not to rush up and scare my sweet little grandson!

  2. Thanks for the update. I forgot to comment on how adorable he looks in his little jacket and hat! So grown up! And the pumpkin pictures are great! He's posing so nicely! Last comment: you are a brave Mama, making such a nice musical instrument for him.