Friday, December 30, 2011

ThanksMas 2011.

We had a lovely trip to visit family at the beginning of December.
The adventure began in the airport.

H enjoys a little light reading in his very own window seat.

Introducing Papa to the epic tale of George and the chocolates.

Baby V is really excited about his jumper.

H has a newfound love of cars. Thanks for sharing, E!

Uncle Matt constructed a super cool racing ramp.

E helped us all understand the finer points of yard baseball.

Everyone took their turn on the guitar.

On Sunday, we took the boys to Bethlehem Morning at St. Andrew.
E & H made stars in the carpenter shop, but they were a little less sure
about dressing up. This is H's attempt at a shepherd's costume,
minus the staff.

We found a great room where the boys could play.

The barnyard was pretty exciting...

...especially since it was inside the playground.

H also accompanied himself on the dustpan before breakfast.
Later that afternoon, we went to the beach - but that's
a subject for another post. Enjoy the videos!

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  1. Thanks for coming and letting us enjoy the boys. We had a great time!