Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up a Bit.

Our ever-expanding straw collection of drums and cymbals.

Inspecting the sprinkler.

Who knew a mechanic's tool set was so cool?


Two apples up on top.

Smiley boy.

The highlight of a trip to the grocery store.

Funny face.

Dada's shoes.

Best pajamas ever.

"H - Hueston! Let's sing a song about you!"

This noodle is pretty hilarious.

I love blueberries.

Could I BE any cuter?

Up to no good.


  1. What fun! Wish we were there! Nana & Papa Cowley

  2. Looking at these again, I realized that in the middle blueberries photo Hueston is saying: MMMMmmmmmmmDelicious!! Nana C