Friday, September 23, 2011



  • Leave the dishwasher open and both racks pulled out so the dishes can finish air-drying
  • Decide to take a shower and actually start doing it, within the space of half a minute
  • Listen to my choral, Ella, and “popera” stations on Pandora
  • Do laundry in the garage or check the mail without explaining where I’m going
  • Finish blog posts that have been months in the making


  • Two words: Superman pajamas.
  • My Scunci steam cleaner got put away an undetermined length of time ago (months? a year or more?) without being emptied or having the pressure released. When I took the cap off to refill it, it still had some VERY HOT steam left inside. I left it alone for a while.
  • Note to self: Make sure you are not going to drink any more before sharing your glass with a toddler.
  • Hueston requested a green (read: spinach) popsicle. Out of the blue. And then thanked me for it. 
  • Juggling cracks Hueston up - at home or at "The Office."
  • Scotch Brite pads are incredible.
  • It's getting hard to keep up with the new things Hueston says and does. Combining words (not just repeating them) and using plurals and possessives correctly are some of the more impressive ones lately.
  • Apparently, I have a really good voice for a lion puppet from IKEA.
  • Saying "night-night" to things is an incredibly effective way to get them put away without a struggle.


  1. I've got the grins from this post. I also need to make a note of some of those vignettes.

  2. I miss you all! All the little boys are growing up so fast and I'm missing it! Thanks again for the posts to keep Nana and Papa Cowley in the loop.