Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A brief overview of our visit to Papa and Nana's in Panama City!

Eating lasagna, chicken marsala, and orrechiette with something... I can't remember... at Angelina's.

Helping Papa load the dishwasher.

Hueston and Papa

The library has Legos... Hueston is in heaven!

A walk in the yard turned into a run through the sprinklers.

Note the person-shaped wet spot on Mommy's shirt!

Hueston loves his Papa.

Emmett defending his territory.

Boys and their toys.

Staring contest with Uncle Matt.

Helping Aunt Sara look for something in the fridge.

There's a fun little playground in the neighborhood...

It's a great day for a run!

This swing is super-duper!

I can slide all by myself!

A cave of wonders...

Papa puts the finishing touches on his architectural masterpiece.

This is the closest we could come to getting the boys to stand next to each other!

Playing chase with Mama and Dada.

I love leaves!

I've found a new hiding place...

Hanging out with Harris and Donna!

Dada built a tower every night for Hueston to knock down in the morning.

Nana's $5 tent is really cool.

Watching the rain and waiting for our flight home.


  1. Aw, thanks for putting this together. For some reason, we didn't take ONE picture while we were there, so this is great. Love the videos too!!

  2. Yeah, thanks, babe! Here I was feeling yucky and a little sorry for myself that we won't make it for Christmas and I came to find this great memory! Just what I needed!