Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hueston has spent quite a lot of time lately doing this:

When he and Daddy went gallivanting Saturday (to Toys 'R Us), his focus was not on the toys but on the display hardware - wheels, rivets, etc.

We'll see as he gets older if it signifies anything.

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  1. #1-I'm amazed that He didn't mash his fingers a single time...He was aware of when he got close, and stopped, even when the distance of push or pull changed. And you are right, he is definitely focused on the mechanics of the process. Paw Paw Elsea got it just right: Hueston is analytical! Now who does he take after? I do know that his mom loves to do logic puzzles and while her kite wouldn't fly and I can't necessarily say she loved mechanical things, she taught herself to sew by hand and machine, wasn't afraid to learn to drive stick shift--in fact insisted on it, and we've seen the video evidence of her taking apart and reassembling Hueston's crib as needed. I also know his Great Nannie Parker would have loved this little clip. They would have had such a good time together, walking slowly, taking time to "smell the flowers" or see what is inside of something or under something or if they would fit inside something as we've seen Hueston do, or how something worked! I predict lots of fun ahead!