Tuesday, June 15, 2010

San Antonio Adventures.

We caravanned down to San Antonio last week for a family vacation. Our first adventure took place between Buda and Kyle - a tire blowout! David, Hueston and I got the easy end of the deal - we hiked up the interstate to a nice, air-conditioned gas station while everyone else dealt with the shredded tire.

After a few minutes on these floors, Hueston definitely had what I have always referred to as "grocery store feet." Thank goodness for baby wipes. :)

If you haven't seen his feet lately, you might be thinking "Buy the poor boy some shoes!" I'm hoping that task will be easier once he starts walking in earnest.

By the time we made it to the hotel, we were all ready to cool off. This was the view from our room's window.

Garret and Gracie enjoyed a fun fruity drink at the swim-up bar.

Hueston and Mommy hung out together a lot. :)

The pool had an indoor portion as well - you just swam under this wall.

After our swim, Hueston worked on his walking.

Then, it was bath time. This was complicated by Hueston's decision to start rolling onto his tummy in the tub. I think this caused more stress for me as spectator than it did for those actually participating in the bath process.

The next morning, Hueston and I had breakfast in the hotel bistro. My parfait was yummy, but Hueston's blueberry pomegranate applesauce was also a big hit.

All this getting up early really takes it out of you. This is before we left for Sea World at 9:30 a.m.

The touch-screen in the lobby helped, though. Hueston got to move the map around all by himself.

Garret and Gracie liked riding the shuttle.

And so did Grandma and Pawpaw.

Daddy and Hueston watching the dolphins.

I think he liked them.

Next up, "Journey to Atlantis."

Hueston and I watched and kept dry.
Turns out it didn't matter much - by the end of the day we were soaked because it rained so hard.

While Larry and Janet saved seats for the Shamu show, the rest of us went to see the sharks.

On the way from the shark exhibit to Shamu, the bottom really fell out. Hueston stayed drier inside the stroller, but not by much.

Waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel, Baby Shamu decided to come with us.

The sun was out again, so it was time for another dip in the pool...

...followed by dinner at Landry's on the Riverwalk. Sorry, no pictures of that part.

Next day started with a visit to the penguins and sea lions (no pictures since I was holding Hueston), and then we hit the water park. David's favorite part: the Lazy River.

We tried to take Hueston, but they said he was too small, and he wasn't too fond of the massive life jacket, anyway. Eventually, we made it to the "Little Gators" area, which was just perfect.

All in all, it made for a tiring day, so we took a nap in the shade.

It was a fun trip - maybe we'll do it again!


  1. Wheeeeeeeeee! What fun! Thanks especially for the videos. The sound tracks really add a lot.
    I love your new background!

  2. How fun! Looks like a great little getaway- I really liked San Antonio when I went.

    On another note.... doesn't Hueston have a really big day coming up next week? REALLY big???!