Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Time.

We had a fun visit with Nana and Papa(razzi) in the middle of May. Here are some highlights:

Breakfast with Nana

Being silly with Papa.

Maybe that should be taking lessons in silly from Papa. :)

Blowing bubbles with Nana's super-duper bubble kit.

I think they're having a good time...

Walking around the house...

Nature walks with Papa, listening to the birds.

And the wildlife in our own backyard.

Trying to get in - the light coming under the bathroom door is so tempting!

The family.

Papa takes a ride on the wild side.

Serious Scrabble was played.

We think they'll come back. :)


  1. You bet! Must have been hard combing through the hours of fun to pick out just which snaps to include. Good work! An excellent representation of an excellent trip. Let's see...are your beds open on, um, hmmm????

  2. Love these. Particularly the one of Dick on the 4-wheeler!! Looks like a fun week :)