Monday, April 26, 2010

Burgeoning Talents.

Hueston's newest accomplishments include scooting (pre-crawling - see earlier post), clapping, playing Godzilla with Daddy, drinking from a sippy cup with a straw, and feeding himself.

Exhibit A: Godzilla

Exhibit B: Cheerios

Exhibit C: Bananas - not quite as successful

Exhibit D: Sippy
Yesterday, we gave back the swing and bouncy seat that we'd borrowed (Thanks, Tammy, Randy, and Rylee!) since he is now able to extricate himself from both. It was a sad day. Okay, I was sad. David was just glad to have the space back, and I don't think Hueston even noticed. *Sigh.*

Good times.


  1. Hey, bananas are slippery!

    I should mention these new talents are preferable to Emmett's new one: quickly and silently removing all of his clothes (including diaper) after he's been put to bed. Yay.

    Also, 10 months!!?!?!!?? How can it have been 10 months already?

  2. I know, 10 months? Good thing he's practicing with cheerios, b/c he'll be eating birthday cake in 2 MONTHS! Wow.