Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival.

Hueston went as Mr. Amazing.
(Didn't know he was a superhero? Well... now you do.)

...and David took his turn in the dunking booth.


  1. I think Mr. Amazing has his cape on backwards...

    Oh, and David... you can't hide under a plastic bag in a dunking booth!!

  2. That picture of David is pretty much awesome and hilarious! Especially the close up!
    Hi, Hueston. I like your costume.

  3. Great pics! About the dunking booth...I just think it needs a new name:dripping booth? shower booth? Some of the guys at church made a similar one which was supposed to dispense slime; somehow the triggering mechanism didn't work quite right and they ended up having to flip the switch by hand, but since it was for a preteen party, it didn't matter. I believe they may have slimed a few times when it wasn't deserved!